Pendant "Magical Octopus"

Pendant "Magical Octopus"


Poyclay sculpture of Octopus holding natural Amethyst.

Silver chain is included. One of a kind, no repeats.

Very interesting combination of crystal and totemic animal I’ve got… Here is more about it:

Amethyst, the Stone of Endless Perfect Love

Amethyst is a crystal of the quart family and its purple-violet colour has made the stone popular worldwide. It is used extensively in the jewelry business as it is a fairly inexpensive stone.

The world “Amethyst” derives from the Greek word Amethystos (Αμέθυστος) which literally means “the one who doesn’t get drunk”.

Amethyst in Magic

In magic the crystal’s colour makes it an excellent choice for meditation and it is linked with the 3rd eye and crown chakras. Therefore, it will assist your intuition and will help you open up to the unlimited love of the Divine. From years of experience with the stone, I can guarantee you that amethysts seldom need cleansing as they never cage negative energy. Instead, the stone has this magnificent quality to always send positive, loving energy to the environment. If you ever feel unloved or neglected always take an amethyst to keep you company. It will help you heal your emotional scars and will send you all the love you need (infinite amounts of love!).  Be careful when exposing amethysts to direct sunlight for extended periods of time as it will wear off its deep purple colouration.

Amethyst is used extensively in all constructive magical working and will bring that extra boost of energy you need. Due to its healing properties, it is excellent for healing and blessing spells.

In addition, as it pulses with Divine love it is perfect for meditation, with working with spirits of the higher realms, to awaken your intuition and the magic inside you. By holding a small amethyst on your third eye (between your brows) can greatly help your clairvoyance skills and your ability to perceive the world with another view. Finally, Amethysts are great to work with when you have negative emotions, the times you need them most. They will happily send you positive, loving energy and you will feel calm and serene. Only the addition of an Amethyst in a room is capable of changing the atmosphere and calming down the spirits.
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Totemic Animal Octopus

Spiritually, octopus meanings symbolize great energetic depths and offer a plethora of lessons to those willing to learn. They are born and live at the sea floor, symbolizing the necessity of being grouded in our lives. Although we each possess special gifts, we cannot allow ourselves to become aloof. Furthermore, the octopus animal totem reminds us to remember our foundations as we continue to move about and explore the world.

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