Choker 'I am Beautiful'

Choker 'I am Beautiful'


Metal casted sculpture of flower with red glass and silvery Quartz crystals and metal beads on velvet ribbon

You are beautiful. Inside, outside. In your body and soul.
I know it, and I don’t need to know you personal to be sure in this.
Because every human being is unique, incredibly beautiful and special.
I saw many people, and I’ve never seen two same ones or not beautiful ones.
We are just different, and those, who accepted their nature, begin to see their special beauty.
Self love is amazing road of exploring and learning…

Remember, that you keep piece of universe in soul, it shines from inside of you, it’s your special gift and beauty.

If you want me to make this choker of your special size- just leave me note with size of your neck in window for messages while checkout or text me in Instagram @withblackwings after placing the order :)Thank you!

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